Flaming Shrimp w/ a Cheddar Broccoli & Spinach Sauce

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15 May

Flaming Shrimp w/ a Cheddar Broccoli & Spinach Sauce

Flaming Shrimp W/ Cheddar Broccoli & Spinach Sauce

Ever had one of those meals that when you first start of cooking you’re not sure what the end results will be, well this is one of those. I had seen posts on Facebook all week that involved shrimp. There was shrimp and grits, shrimp scampi and shrimp tacos (I will be trying those next). I was destined to cook shrimp tonight. This was supposed to be a part of my Mother’s Day spread that never happened (but that’s another story). This recipe is quite simple and doesn’t require the two cheese varieties, I just used what I had left in my refrigerator. I am not big on measurements, but I promise I will get better and post more accurate seasoning measurements in particular. Bahamians season until it tastes good… Facts! The flaming flakes is hot so if you’re not a fan of heat it can be optional but ?? what’s Firehouse without the heat right ? Let me know, what you think and posts your final products. Happy Cooking!!

30 mins prep Serves 6
• I bag of Raw Shrimp Jumbo or Large
• 2 fresh broccoli heads
• 4 or 5 Irish potatoes (leave skin on and cut in chunks)
• 1 cup of cheddar cheese
• 1 cup of mozzarella chees
• Butter
• ½ cup milk
• ¼ cup of onions
• 3 cups of spinach leaves (washed and dried)
• 2 tbs Flaming Flakes
• ½ tsp Spark
• 1 1/2tbsp of Minced Garlic
• 1 tbsp Garlic powder
• 1tbsp of mixed Dried herbs (thyme, parsley, rosemary)
• Sizzle (Sea Salt)

How to Make It
• Boil potatoes until soft enough to mash with a fork.
• Cut broccoli head into small florets and allow to simmer for 10 mins. Add ¼ tsp of sizzle. Place aside.
• After potatoes are boiled drain, smash and add butter and milk. Mix until thick and smooth. Add Sizzle to taste.
• Sautee onions, butter and spinach. Add ½ tbsp of minced garlic. Add a pinch of Sizzle.
• Drain liquid from broccoli and combine with spinach mixture. Rest aside
• In a separate pot combine shrimp, butter, ½ tsp spark and ½ tbsp of dried herbs mixture. Allow to cook.
• Combine broccoli and spinach mixture along with cooked shrimp into one pot.
• In that pot, add the cheese and remaining dried herbs, flaming flakes, minced garlic and garlic powder. Let simmer for approximately 5 mins or until the cheese melts.
• Serve on top of the smashed potatoes.
• Enjoy

Regina Smith
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